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Distance Compressed in Time.

The project was in conjunctions with the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe. The group proposed to link all the train stations that Isambard Kingdom Brunel built throughout the UK with an interactive screen. They would have a live feed with each other.
In collaboration with
Isaac Vernon,
Gillian Cabrera Jimenez

Credit-typeface used Sporting Grotesque by Lucas Le Bihan George Triantafyllakos Maciej Połczyński.
The Brunel Museum.

Five Fears.

Editorial Project of an essay by Professor Karen Yeung.


Maproscopic is a one meter square map looking at the origin of every item within. It looks at weather its is man made or organic. How long it takes to decompace.  The idea behind this project was linking the Local to the global. 


Is a mobile show which documents the history of surveillance capitalism and data manipulation.

Fake Books.

Because of Covid we were unable to make our process books in the real. Here are my fake books. 

Odds and Sods.

Work that did make it.


This is a work in progress section. 

1. Typeface design called Dghajsa. It is based on the water taxis boats in Grand Harbour Malta. The aim is for the serifs to mimic the end of the boats. 

2. The project was to do with inclusivity in the design world. The aim was to highlight the lack of working-class people within the design world and the cost to access this world. The Type face used is by Craig Oldham and is called STILLINGFLEET and the colours are from a well know fast food chain. 


Mole Gap.

The publication is the Poem by Robert Frost The Road Not Taken which initially written for British poet Edward Thomas. Frost intended the Poem as a gentle mocking of indecision, particularly the indecision that Thomas had shown on their many walks together; however, most audiences took the Poem more seriously than Frost intended, and Thomas similarly took it seriously and personally. It provided the last straw in Thomas' decision to enlist. Thomas was killed in action soon after he arrived in France at Arras on Easter Monday, 9 April 1917. The Poem is told with the use of photos from the first world war and other famous photos.

Paul Jays︎


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